4 Reasons Why A Visit to the Vet is Better Than a Visit to your Doctor

By Jackie Roman

Every time I take my dog Roomba to the veterinarian, I wish my vet was licensed to practice human medicine. Roomba got her name because she is a canine vacuum cleaner who attempts to eat almost anything smaller than a telephone book.

Black Lab at vet

This means frequent vet visits. Unlike trips to my physician, which I look forward to with trepidation, Roomba eagerly anticipates trips to the vet. Of course, she is a black lab who eagerly anticipates everything, but vet visits are special even by her standards.

1. Quick Appointments

I can always get an appointment for Roomba quickly at a time that fits my work schedule. I don’t spend hours talking to machines and waiting for callbacks and then waiting again for several weeks to get an appointment at an inconvenient time. Instead, the receptionist knows me and my dog.

Vet lobby

2. More Efficient 

At the veterinarian’s office, I don’t waste time filling out pages of paperwork identical to the paperwork I filled out a few months ago and then wait for an hour or so to be seen. Instead, the receptionist recognizes us when we walk in the door. We rarely need to wait for more than a few minutes.

Vet clinic room
3. Greater Range of In-House Services

When I visit my physician, I’ll get sent all over town for various tests, wait weeks for test results, then weeks for specialist appointments. My vet can perform most tests in house and is able to deal with most problems without specialist referrals. If specialized care is needed, it is much easier to arrange.

Vet Kitten

4. Personalized Attention… and Treats!

Veterinarians often offer a more personalized level of care than human doctors. My vet knows exactly the place to scratch behind Roomba’s ears to relax her and remembers which flavors of medicine she prefers. Another major difference is that when I go to a human doctor, I often must skip breakfast or lunch but when Roomba goes to the vet, she gets treats.

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