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Good Veterinarians Have Great Vet Techs

When most people think of animal hospitals or veterinary clinics, they think of the veterinarians themselves. However, our furry little friends have a lot of love for veterinary technicians, and so do we. Here are some of the reasons vet techs are so important. They Make the Veterinarian’s Job Easier Vet techs are a great […]


Unique Formulas With Unmatched Technical Support

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Robert Silver, together with Rx Vitamins, created a line of veterinary nutraceutical formulas designed to target common pet health conditions as well as work in conjunction with traditional methods to give patients the best possible outcomes. Dr. Silver has created a broad range of companion documents to support the Rx Vitamins line […]


Millennials And Their Pets – What Vets Need To Know

Millennials are the driving force of the consumer pet industry right now. Studies indicate that today’s pet owner has a vastly different way of caring for their pets than older generations, particularly in when and why they seek out a veterinarian. What the Studies Say One study, called The Pet Owner Paths Research, sponsored by […]

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Another Reason Why Vitamin D Testing Should Be Part of a Regular Checkup

You’re probably seen the news over the past few months about high levels of vitamin D in some pet foods, with several manufacturers having to issue voluntary recalls . While dogs and cats certainly require vitamin D in their diets, excess levels of this nutrient can indeed be toxic, leading to vomiting, excess urination and […]


It’s Official – Hemp Is Allowed in the USA

Veterinarians who want to offer hemp products to their clients no longer need to be concerned about possible legal implications from the DEA. The recently signed Farm Bill by President Trump explicitly allows the transfer of hemp-derived products across state lines for commercial or other purposes. The new rules put no restrictions on the sale, […]