Rx Vitamins Is Taking Proactive Measures To Address COVID-19 Situation

An Important Message from Rx Vitamins CEO Craig Kisciras March 16, 2020 – As global concern over the COVID-19 pandemic increases, Rx Vitamins, Inc. felt it important to communicate with our customers on how we are proactively managing internal operations, employees and visitors to our facility, as well as how we are monitoring this rapidly changing situation. […]

Pet Store Pup

UK Bans Pet Shop Sales of Puppies and Kittens

LONDON — Britain has banned third-party sales of puppies and kittens to protect the animals from exploitation. The government says the new law will help crack down on “puppy farms” and make it harder for unscrupulous dealers who have little regard for animal welfare. Animal Welfare Minister David Rutley said the ban “is part of […]

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Skip The Monthly Injections With Rx B12

Fewer Trips To The Vet Means a Happier Client Rx B12 is the result of recent research that shows that orally administered cyanocobalamin, on a daily basis, can create cobalamin serum levels equivalent to monthly administration by injection. B12 is not produced in the body Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that plays a critical role […]

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KrillWELL for Dogs – Krill Sticks With Excellent Health Benefits And Bioavailability

KrillWELL is a new, nutritional chew stick designed for dogs. It offers a tasty, treat-like experience while packing a powerful punch full of nutrients and high-level antioxidants to keep patients happy and healthy. Recommending it to your patients makes sense especially for those patients in need of a quality diet. Can KrillWELL Enhance the Wellbeing […]

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Vets vs Doctors – If Only Vet Patients Could Talk

By Jackie Roman Human doctors are usually able to get a few words out of a patient. For a vet, examination and comparison with their knowledge and experience is the only way they can treat their patients.   Vets also have to be able to thoroughly examine their patient while keeping themselves and their staff safe. […]

Black Lab at vet

4 Reasons Why A Visit to the Vet is Better Than a Visit to your Doctor

By Jackie Roman Every time I take my dog Roomba to the veterinarian, I wish my vet was licensed to practice human medicine. Roomba got her name because she is a canine vacuum cleaner who attempts to eat almost anything smaller than a telephone book. This means frequent vet visits. Unlike trips to my physician, which I look […]


Help Your Pet Beat Cancer – Become Their Advocate

Hearing that a pet has cancer is heart-wrenching and terrifying. It’s quite normal to feel loss and grief. Recognize these feelings, but at the same time, remember that your pet is still here. Providing your pet with the attention and care he or she needs has never been more important. Become your pet’s advocate. Put […]