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Not All Mushroom Formulas Are Created Equal. Here’s Why

A clinical minute with Robert J. Silver DVM, MS Mushrooms have a life cycle that many don’t know about. The “mushroom fruiting body” is the mushroom-shaped structure that we commonly call a mushroom. But in order to get this fruiting body, the spores of the mushroom are germinated on sterilized grain, and then grow into a […]

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Stomach Issues Top The List Of Common Pet Health Problems

Last year, gastrointestinal issues brought more pet owners into the veterinarian’s office than any other ailment, according to Embrace Pet Insurance. The company combed through the more than 200,000 claims filed during the year to assemble the findings. Common causes of digestive problems include ingested food (eating garbage, table food, or foreign objects); food allergies […]

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Good Veterinarians Have Great Vet Techs

When most people think of animal hospitals or veterinary clinics, they think of the veterinarians themselves. However, our furry little friends have a lot of love for veterinary technicians, and so do we. Here are some of the reasons vet techs are so important. They Make the Veterinarian’s Job Easier Vet techs are a great […]


Unique Formulas With Unmatched Technical Support

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Robert Silver, together with Rx Vitamins, created a line of veterinary nutraceutical formulas designed to target common pet health conditions as well as work in conjunction with traditional methods to give patients the best possible outcomes. Dr. Silver has created a broad range of companion documents to support the Rx Vitamins line […]

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Another Reason Why Vitamin D Testing Should Be Part of a Regular Checkup

You’re probably seen the news over the past few months about high levels of vitamin D in some pet foods, with several manufacturers having to issue voluntary recalls . While dogs and cats certainly require vitamin D in their diets, excess levels of this nutrient can indeed be toxic, leading to vomiting, excess urination and […]

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Do pets need supplements? These Two Are Critical.

Like ourselves, we want to ensure maximum health for our pets. Commercial diets, with their high levels of processing, lack the quality that pet parents want. Expensive pet food brands can add various  nutrients but don’t quite fit the bill either. Mounting evidence suggests that there are two primary supplements that should be included in […]


It’s Official – Hemp Is Allowed in the USA

Veterinarians who want to offer hemp products to their clients no longer need to be concerned about possible legal implications from the DEA. The recently signed Farm Bill by President Trump explicitly allows the transfer of hemp-derived products across state lines for commercial or other purposes. The new rules put no restrictions on the sale, […]

Dog Pee Accident

Is Your Pet Having One Too Many Accidents?

Cranberry Rx is a Great Antioxidant That Also Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infections In Pets. Renowned veterinary author and speaker Dr. Robert Silver, DVM, MS, CVA answers questions about Cranberry Rx, a leading-edge nutraceutical designed by Dr. Silver to promote optimal urinary tract health for pets: Q: What Is Cranberry Rx? A: Cranberry Rx is […]