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Canine Atopic dermatitis

Vitamin D on Canine Atopic Dermatitis – SIGNIFICANT Improvement in Latest Study

Downloaded from on February 22, 2018 – Published by Vitamin D Shows In Vivo Efficacy in a Placebo-controlled, Double-blinded, Randomized Clinical Trial on Canine Atopic Dermatitis. Authors: Christoph J Klinger, Stefan Hobi, Cornelia Johansen, Hans-Joachim Koch, Karin Weber, Ralf S Mueller Atopic dermatitis (AD) in dogs is among the most common skin diseases […]

turmeric 225pix

How Turmeric Can Help Keep Dogs Healthy

As a dog owner, you want your pooch as happy, healthy and energetic as possible, which means keeping them on the right diet. While you may know which dog food brands are healthier than others, you can do more to keep your pup healthy—like adding turmeric to their diet. Recent studies have shown that curcumin, […]


Cats and Kidneys – Managing One of the Most Common Feline Health Conditions

A cat’s kidneys help control blood pressure, produce hormones and red blood cells, and remove metabolic waste from the blood. A complication with the kidneys can create a life-threatening condition. Kidney failure, a common cause of severe illnesses in cats, is perhaps one of the most important diseases to treat right away. Though it is […]

Vit D

Pet Disease Prevention 101: Vitamin D Edition

What’s So Special About Vitamin D? At this stage everybody knows about the health problems that can occur in people who don’t get enough vitamin D. As it turns out, however, with rickets, congestive heart failure, and IBD all among the numerous ailments found in cats and dogs with the same condition, vitamin D deficiency […]