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KrillWELL for Dogs – Krill Sticks With Excellent Health Benefits And Bioavailability

KrillWELL is a new, nutritional chew stick designed for dogs. It offers a tasty, treat-like experience while packing a powerful punch full of nutrients and high-level antioxidants to keep patients happy and healthy. Recommending it to your patients makes sense especially for those patients in need of a quality diet. Can KrillWELL Enhance the Wellbeing […]

Black Lab at vet

4 Reasons Why A Visit to the Vet is Better Than a Visit to your Doctor

By Jackie Roman Every time I take my dog Roomba to the veterinarian, I wish my vet was licensed to practice human medicine. Roomba got her name because she is a canine vacuum cleaner who attempts to eat almost anything smaller than a telephone book. This means frequent vet visits. Unlike trips to my physician, which I look […]