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  • Camo Pill

    Camo Pill

    Delicious Bacon-Flavored Pill Paste for Dogs and Cats

    Turns unpalatable pills into delectable treats. Camo Pill is a soft, easily-shaped paste that wraps around any size pill
    or capsule. The bacon flavored paste makes giving supplements and medication a breeze while the patient thinks they are getting a treat.

    • Delicious bacon flavor
    • No wheat flour or corn syrup
    • Will not dry out
    • Avoid wasteful preformed pockets

  • GlucaMune Forte

    GlucaMune™ Forte

    Very High Potency Beta Glucan Blend

    GlucaMune Forte contains the highest potency, patented beta glucan available for companion animals, complexed with astragalus root and licorice root concentrates in easy-to-administer capsules. Capsules can also be opened and mixed with food for those difficult-to-pill patients.

  • Rx B12 Forte

    Rx B12 Forte

    A Palatable Source of Pure, High Quality Cyanocobalamin

  • Rx Renal Feline Beadlets

    Rx Renal Feline Beadlets

    Supports Normal Kidney Function

    Tasteless Beadlets to Increase Compliance.
    Rx Renal Feline beadlets is a complex formulation of multiple botanical extracts and nutraceuticals. This unique formula has been enveloped with glycerol stearate, a bland, lipophilic material that renders the taste completely bland and acceptable to the feline patient.

  • RxCoriolus Forte

    RxCoriolus Forte

    A Powerful Immune System-Boosting Formula

    37% Beta Glucan Content
    RxCoriolus Forte™ contains organic extracts from the fruiting bodies (mushrooms) of five of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms available today. This powdered, highly palatable blend of mushrooms also contains two Chinese herbs, astragalus root (huang qi) and licorice root (gan cao). This formula has a distinct advantage over products from mycelia grown on grain because it is very low in carbohydrates and very high in beta glucan.

  • Vitamin-D Test Kit 2

    Vitamin D Test Kit PLUS+

    Dried serum for canine and feline patients

    Now Available With More Testing Options For Your Patients 

    With our new Vitamin D Test Kit PLUS+, you can now create custom test panels with a single kit ! Now available with add-ons/upgrades that are commonly tested with Vitamin D. You can choose one or more of these in the Optional Tests menu on the Requisition Form. Any optional tests are then invoiced by the testing lab (VDI Laboratory).

    Common test combinations can include:
    • Essential Vitamins Panel . . . . . (VitD, B12, Folate, Magnesium)
    • Essential Wellness Panel . . . . . (VitD, B12, Magnesium, Inflammation)
    • Joint Health Panel . . . . . (VitD, Degenerative Joint Disease)
    • Cancer Risk Panel . . . . . (VitD, Cancer Risk Assessment)
    • Full Wellness Panel for Dogs . . . . . (VitD, B12, Magnesium, Inflammation, Degenerative Joint Disease, Cancer Risk Assessment)

    Kit includes (One Patient Test Per Kit)
    • Spot Saver Card
    • Sample Transfer Pipette
    • Patient Information Card
    • Plastic Bag with desiccant
    • Preaddressed return envelope (postage included)

    • No Shipping Costs
    • No Refrigeration
    • Drop it in the mail

    Quicker, more reliable, and costs 50% less than traditional screening methods. An essential part of a patient’s regular checkup screening!