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  • Allergy Test Kit package pic

    Allergy Test Kit PLUS

    Dried serum testing for canine and feline patients

    Allergy test (IgE) for 125 Allergens (72 food, 53 environmental)

    The Allergy Test Kit PLUS brings the next generation in Allergy and wellness testing to your practice. Increase staff efficiency, reduce cost, and provide excellent service to your clients. With just 0.3mL of serum, it is the lowest volume, best value allergy test available.

    With Optional Testing for:
    • Vitamin D
    • Magnesium
    • Atopic Dermatitis Panel (Vitamin D, Inflammation and Allergy)

    • No Shipping Costs
    • No Refrigeration
    • Drop it in the mail


  • Mineral & Toxic Metal Fur Test Kit

    For canine and feline patients

    29 Elements Tested:
    15 Nutritional Minerals, 10 Environmental Minerals, 4 Toxic Metals

    Diet and environment play a major role in the health of your patients.  Now your practice can check for long-term issues with both with our Mineral & Toxic Metal Fur Test Kit.  Fur is the only matrix suitable for studying a long period of exposure to pollutants or dietary deficiencies for macro and microminerals in dogs and cats.  Pollutants circulating in the blood, through ingestion or inhalation, are automatically captured by the follicle of the fur when it grows and stays intact.  By analyzing fur, you can assess any prolonged exposures to potentially harmful minerals and metals, as well as identify any shortcomings the pet’s diet may have. 


  • Vitamin D Test Kit PLUS

    Dried serum testing for canine and feline patients

    Now Available With More Testing Options For Your Patients 

    With our new Vitamin D Test Kit PLUS, you can now create custom test panels with a single kit ! Now available with add-ons/upgrades that are commonly tested with Vitamin D. You can choose one or more of these in the Optional Tests menu on the Requisition Form. Any optional tests are then invoiced by the testing lab (VDI Laboratory).

    Common test combinations can include:
    • Essential Vitamins Panel . . . . . (VitD, B12, Folate, Magnesium)
    • Essential Wellness Panel . . . . . (VitD, B12, Magnesium, Inflammation)
    • Joint Health Panel . . . . . (VitD, Degenerative Joint Disease)
    • Cancer Risk Panel . . . . . (VitD, Cancer Risk Assessment)
    • Full Wellness Panel for Dogs . . . . . (VitD, B12, Magnesium, Inflammation, Degenerative Joint Disease, Cancer Risk Assessment)

    Kit includes (One Patient Test Per Kit)
    • Spot Saver Card
    • Sample Transfer Pipette
    • Patient Information Card
    • Plastic Bag with desiccant
    • Preaddressed return envelope (postage included)

    • No Shipping Costs
    • No Refrigeration
    • Drop it in the mail

    Quicker, more reliable, and costs 50% less than traditional screening methods. An essential part of a patient’s regular checkup screening!