Using NutriGest for Digestive Issues


Transcript: One of the biggest challenges that I’ve encountered in private practice has been dealing with chronic digestive issues. Maybe they have inflammatory bowel disease, food intolerances, or maybe chronic clostridium infection? So I’ve developed a number of tools to help address this. One of the first tools I developed is called NutriGest. “NutriGest contains […]


Why Does My Cat Miss The Litter Box?

Cat littler box

Video Transcript: Sometimes people will tell me that their cat keeps missing the litter box. You know what, the only explanation I can have for that is poor aim. One of the things that I’ve recommended, if you’ve ever seen these litter boxes that are enclosed, oftentimes the cats are very vulnerable when they’re eating […]


Why Does My Dog Stink?

Embarrassed Dog

Video Transcript:  I’m often asked by people, “Why does my dog stink?”. First of all, dogs have their own odor and they’ve got a lot of hair on them. They like to roll around in the dirt and other reasons but, some of the causes that I think are correctable in terms of the odor that […]


Why Does My Dog Scratch So Much?

Dog Scratching2

Many times I’m asked about people’s dogs who are scratching and certainly it depends on how much they’re scratching. You know it can be annoying if they scratch themselves. Let’s say at night you know how you’re trying to sleep and their collar’s going jingle jangle and it’s waking you up but scratching is a […]


Why Are Rx Vitamins for Pets Sold Exclusively Thru Vets?

Vet Scanning Dog

“Rx Vitamins is a animal nutraceutical company that is dedicated to support the veterinarian. For this reason we only sell our products directly to licensed veterinarians and members of the veterinary community such as technicians. We feel this is our commitment as a company to the veterinarian. “We want to give vets special therapeutics that […]


What Kind Of Quality Control Goes Into Our Products?

Research Lab

“Vets are always asking what kind of quality control goes into our products and I have to tell you, quite bit. It starts when we’re researching our raw materials and anytime you’re sourcing a raw material from a raw material manufacturer, they have to supply you with what we call certificates of analyses. That’s where […]


The Value of Condition-specific Pet Nutraceuticals


Rx Vitamins has a couple of different categories of products and one of those categories of products is what we call the Condition-Specific Formulas and these are formulas that are meant to be used in situations where the animals may have certain diagnosis and certain conditions and they’re meant to help the conventional therapies work […]


What are Nutraceuticals?


– A conversation with Dr. Robert J. Silver – Chief Medical Officer and Master Formulator of the Rx Vitamins for Pets line of products. Nutraceuticals are this blanket category that covers a variety of different supplement categories such as fatty acids like fish oils, vitamins like B vitamins and vitamin C and vitamin E. It […]


Why is the NASC seal important?


Rx Vitamins is one of the founding members of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)  The NASC was founded in 2001 and its mission has been to work directly with the key regulatory agencies (FDA, CVM) and ensure that there is a coherent and cogent regulatory environment for the animal supplement industry.  One way that […]


Integrative Medicine for Better Pet Health


Integrative medicine is the blending of the best of western conventional scientifically-based medicine and evidence-based alternative therapies. The value of integrative medicine is it really brings the best to bear to help the patient get better. Whether we’re using the most appropriate antibiotic, or we’re using probiotic in combination with the antibiotic to help prevent […]