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  • Acid Block

    Acid Block

    For Temporary Relief of Occasional Indigestion*

    Dietary Supplement


  • Activated Enzyme Formula

    Activated Enzyme Formula

    For Maximum Nutrient Assimilation*

    Dietary Supplement

  • ADR-7


    Nutritional Support for the Adrenals*

    Dietary Supplement

    ADR-7 is a scientifically designed formula containing botanicals and other beneficial nutrients designed to provide nutritional support to the adrenal glands.* Proper adrenal response is important in maintaining vitality, a strong immune response and a healthy physiological response to mental and physical stress.*

  • Advanced Immune Support

    Advanced Immune Support

    With Arabinogalactan and a Nucleotide Complex

    Dietary Supplement

    Advanced Immune Support is a proprietary state-of-the-art formula that features arabinogalactan, a high molecular plant polysaccharide, and a dietary nucleotide complex – powerful nutrients that stimulate the immune system.*

    Advanced Immune Support contains 250 mg. of pharmaceutical grade arabinogalactan. Unlike echinacea, vitamin E and other immune ingredients, this high molecular polysaccharide, extracted from Larix occidentalis, supports
    a wide range of immunologic activity.*

  • Advanced Prostate Formula

    Advanced Prostate Formula

    Nutritional Support For The Prostate*

    Dietary Supplement


  • Alginate Plus

    Alginate Plus

    Alginate Detox Supplement

    Dietary Supplement

    Alginate Plus provides optimum levels of high-binding alginate and standardized milk thistle in vegetarian capsules. Studies have demonstrated that alginates bind tightly to certain heavy metals and is thus beneficial for those individuals exposed to environmental pollutants or toxins.*

  • ARTH-9


    A Comprehensive Formula for Bone, Joint, Ligament and Cartilage Function*

    Dietary Supplement


  • Bone Density Formula

    Bone Density Formula

    Helps Maintain Bone Strength and Density*

    Dietary Supplement

    The Bone Density Formula is a physician formulated dietary supplement which provides calcium, magnesium and boron– all as soluble citrate compounds. Vitamin D and vitamin C have been added to the formula to maximize the absorption and utilization of the calcium and magnesium and to enhance bone density.*


  • Buffered C

    Buffered C

    Polyascorbate Vitamin C

    Dietary Supplement


  • Chewable Cal Mag

    Chewable Cal/Mag

    Nutritional Support For Healthy Bones*

    Dietary Supplement

    Chewable Cal/Mag provides soluble calcium and magnesium along with a whole food complex in delicious, vanilla chewable tablets. Two chewable tablets deliver 250 mg of organically chelated calcium and 50 mg of magnesium
    as well as healthful whole foods such as broccoli, carrot, spirulina, apple and black currant. This formula is particularly useful for those patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, or for lactose intolerant children who do not receive sufficient calcium and magnesium in their daily diet.