The Value of Condition-specific Pet Nutraceuticals


Rx Vitamins has a couple of different categories of products and one of those categories of products is what we call the Condition-Specific Formulas and these are formulas that are meant to be used in situations where the animals may have certain diagnosis and certain conditions and they’re meant to help the conventional therapies work […]


What are Nutraceuticals?


– A conversation with Dr. Robert J. Silver – Chief Medical Officer and Master Formulator of the Rx Vitamins for Pets line of products. Nutraceuticals are this blanket category that covers a variety of different supplement categories such as fatty acids like fish oils, vitamins like B vitamins and vitamin C and vitamin E. It […]


Why is the NASC seal important?


Rx Vitamins is one of the founding members the National Animal Supplement Council, the NASC, and the NASC is a new body, they were just created in the last ten years to regulate the animal nutraceutical industry. One way they do that is they do auditing and inspections of our manufacturing facilities to make sure […]


Integrative Medicine for Better Pet Health


Integrative medicine is the blending of the best of western conventional scientifically-based medicine and evidence-based alternative therapies. The value of integrative medicine is it really brings the best to bear to help the patient get better. Whether we’re using the most appropriate antibiotic, or we’re using probiotic in combination with the antibiotic to help prevent […]


Rx Zyme – Digestive Health for Pets


Rx Zyme is a very unique digestive enzyme formula and I’ve designed a number of tools for the clinician to use to help address a poor doing digestive system, whether it’s chronic diarrhea, whether it’s a poor appetite, whether it’s chronic soft stools, there’s a lot of things that we can use to help improve […]