Author: Roman Tytla


Help Your Pet Beat Cancer – Become Their Advocate

Hearing that a pet has cancer is heart-wrenching and terrifying. It’s quite normal to feel loss and grief. Recognize these feelings, but at the same time, remember that your pet is still here. Providing your pet with the attention and care he or she needs has never been more important. Become your pet’s advocate. Put […]

Vit D

Pet Disease Prevention 101: Vitamin D Edition

What’s So Special About Vitamin D? At this stage everybody knows about the health problems that can occur in people who don’t get enough vitamin D. As it turns out, however, with rickets, congestive heart failure, and IBD all among the numerous ailments found in cats and dogs with the same condition, vitamin D deficiency […]


Dogs That Have A Hard Time Sleeping May Be Stressed Out – Just Like Us Humans

A recent study concluded that some pet dogs may experience poor sleep, just like humans. Even brief periods of separation from the owners, the study finds, or traumatic exposure to a stranger can negatively influence a dog’s sleeping patterns.