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Not All Mushroom Formulas Are Created Equal. Here’s Why

A clinical minute with Robert J. Silver DVM, MS Mushrooms have a life cycle that many don’t know about. The “mushroom fruiting body” is the mushroom-shaped structure that we commonly call a mushroom. But in order to get this fruiting body, the spores of the mushroom are germinated on sterilized grain, and then grow into a […]


Millennials And Their Pets – What Vets Need To Know

Millennials are the driving force of the consumer pet industry right now. Studies indicate that today’s pet owner has a vastly different way of caring for their pets than older generations, particularly in when and why they seek out a veterinarian. What the Studies Say One study, called The Pet Owner Paths Research, sponsored by […]

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Another Reason Why Vitamin D Testing Should Be Part of a Regular Checkup

You’re probably seen the news over the past few months about high levels of vitamin D in some pet foods, with several manufacturers having to issue voluntary recalls . While dogs and cats certainly require vitamin D in their diets, excess levels of this nutrient can indeed be toxic, leading to vomiting, excess urination and […]


It’s Official – Hemp Is Allowed in the USA

Veterinarians who want to offer hemp products to their clients no longer need to be concerned about possible legal implications from the DEA. The recently signed Farm Bill by President Trump explicitly allows the transfer of hemp-derived products across state lines for commercial or other purposes. The new rules put no restrictions on the sale, […]


GlucaMune – The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of It’s Parts

Immune System Support for Cats and Small Dogs Testing shows that the proprietary beta-glucan blend of herbs in GlucaMune work synergistically to deliver a higher potency than just beta-glucan alone. Today, renowned veterinary author and speaker Dr. Robert Silver, DVM, MS, CVA answers questions about GlucaMune, a high potency beta-glucan blend that supports immune system function […]

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KrillWELL for Dogs – Krill Sticks With Excellent Health Benefits And Bioavailability

KrillWELL is a new, nutritional chew stick designed for dogs. It offers a tasty, treat-like experience while packing a powerful punch full of nutrients and high-level antioxidants to keep patients happy and healthy. Recommending it to your patients makes sense especially for those patients in need of a quality diet. Can KrillWELL Enhance the Wellbeing […]

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4 Reasons Why A Visit to the Vet is Better Than a Visit to your Doctor

By Jackie Roman Every time I take my dog Roomba to the veterinarian, I wish my vet was licensed to practice human medicine. Roomba got her name because she is a canine vacuum cleaner who attempts to eat almost anything smaller than a telephone book. This means frequent vet visits. Unlike trips to my physician, which I look […]

Vit D

Pet Disease Prevention 101: Vitamin D Edition

What’s So Special About Vitamin D? At this stage everybody knows about the health problems that can occur in people who don’t get enough vitamin D. As it turns out, however, with rickets, congestive heart failure, and IBD all among the numerous ailments found in cats and dogs with the same condition, vitamin D deficiency […]


Dogs That Have A Hard Time Sleeping May Be Stressed Out – Just Like Us Humans

A recent study concluded that some pet dogs may experience poor sleep, just like humans. Even brief periods of separation from the owners, the study finds, or traumatic exposure to a stranger can negatively influence a dog’s sleeping patterns.